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Archive and Search Room, Galashiels

Old Gala House, Galashiels, Scotland, where our family history archive and library of books, family tree charts, monumental / gravestone inscriptions, CDs, microfilms, and microfiche is located. The Society has its own archive and search room at Old Gala House, an interesting museum in Scott Crescent, Galashiels, TD1 3JS, Scotland, and this houses our collection of family history material, our own and other publications, which are available for visitors to do their own research.
Our own and some other publications may be purchased here, when the search room is open.

The archive and search room will be open at Old Gala House from Thursday, 3 April 2014.

We will be open on Tuesdays and Fridays, by reservation in advance for sessions 10 am-12 pm, 12 pm-2 pm, 2 pm-3.45 pm; these sessions will be limited to 2 teams of one or two people.
Please note that if there are no booked sessions for a particular Tuesday or Friday, the archive will not be opened.

Additionally, we will be open on every Thursday until further notice from 10 am to 3.45 pm, on an Ďall comerí basis and while it is not necessary to pre-book for a Thursday it is still recommended as space is so limited.
It's free to do research however donations are very welcome.

Provided at least 1 week's prior notice is given, we can usually arrange access at other times for members.

Please note - at some point during the year we will be moving to our refurbished new location in Overhaugh St, Galashiels.
We don't know when that will be ready and the move from Old Gala House and from storage locations is likely to take several days.
There may be some days when neither location is available for research or purchases but we will update the page when necesssary.

For reservations, please make an Archive Appointment Request quoting your email address as well your name, and desired appointment date and time.
Please make sure you have confirmation before assuming the booking is definite.
We would appreciate as much prior notice as possible.

See this map for directions to Old Gala House.
The Archive comprises the following:
Search the category index and the topic index to the Books and Pamphlets.

Look at the CD Catalogue for the CDs which can be used on the computers in the Archive.

Look at the Microfiche Catalogue - these microfiche sheets and microfilms which can be used on the microfiche readers or the microfiche reader/printer in the Archive.

Search the surname index to the paper and GEDCOM Family Trees (Pedigree Charts).