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Borders FHS - Publication Reviews

These reviews are of publications sent to us for review with a few (mostly external) reviews of some of our own publications. Please note that these reviews are the subjective opinions of the reviewers and may differ from yours.
Some of them are several years old, and prices or distribution addresses may have changed since.
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Kelso Poor Law and Ragged School Records

Other Reviews

Kelso Poor Law and Ragged School Records

By Audrey Mitchell

2 maps. 95 pages. CD only. ISBN 978 1 874232 11 7. £10 plus postage. Available from us - see our Publications Sales List 

This CD contains two maps, one of the town of Kelso dated 1857, and another of the area of the Poor House and a 95 page text document all in PDF format.

The text document comprises a short appreciation of its late author, Audrey Mitchell; some notes and pictures of the Poor House; and a list of people, together with their spouses, occupations (and occasionally employers), parents, children and their spouses, places and dates of birth and death, and in some cases, their addresses, together with notes about them.

There's information on over 400 Kelso families sharing 555 different surnames taken from the Poor Roll (and the records of the Kelso Poor House), prison records, Ragged School records and other sources.

Examples of notes "Apprenticed to a watchmaker. Robert was awarded 1st and 2nd prizes by The Academy of Painters in Italy. Studied at Rome, Naples, Florence, Venice"; " imprisoned for cruelty to children"; " Officer on parole in French Army (Prisoner in Kelso)"; " grieved her parents by bad conduct. Was a prostitute in Edinburgh."; " lived with mother and unmarried daughter who had illeg. child.".

A large number of the females appear with both their married and maiden surnames.

Although the sources used are from Kelso, the people recorded in there, are from a large variety of places, a lot around Kelso, but a lot from much further away, eg Glasgow, Moffat, Gala, Dunbar, Edinburgh, Ireland.

Most of the surnames are common enough in the Borders, but some I've not seen before, for example, Aufriar, Boug, Buddo, Cassy, Codone, Cree, Hallerin, McGlaughlin, McVain, Shirra, come to mind.

One unfortunate person appears to have been in 12 poorhouses from Kendal in England, to Perth - he was in Kelso Poorhouse for 7 years.

If you're looking for a missing relative in your tree, you might well find them here.

This really is an excellent resource, containing lots of information that isn't found elsewhere, and much of it will certainly have been suppressed in family anecdotes.

List of surnames


Affleck, Aikman, Ainslie, Aitchison, Aitken, Alexander, Allan, Amey, Anderson, Angus, Anstruther, Archbald, Archibald, Armstrong, Ashwood, Auchterlonie, Aufriar


Bain, Bald, Balfour, Ballantyne, Balmer, Bannerman, Barr, Baxter, Beattie, Beck, Beeson, Bell, Bennet, Best, Beverage, Binn, Bishop, Black, Blackhall, Blackie, Blackwood, Blair, Blake, Blyth, Blythe, Boag, Bolan, Boland, Bolton, Bond, Bonthorn, Bookless, Borthwick, Boug, Boyd, Boyle, Brack, Bradley, Braidy, Brannan, Brannon, Brodie, Bromfield, Broomfield, Brotherston, Brown, Bruce, Brunlees, Brunton, Brydon, Buchanan, Buckham, Buckholm, Buddo, Buglas, Bullet, Bunyan, Burn, Burnet, Burnett, Burns, Butler, Butterby, Butterworth


Cairney, Cairns, Campbell, Cartner, Cassy, Catterhill, Chalmers, Charters, Chatto, Chisholm, Christie, Chrystie, Clark, Cleghorn, Cleland, Cockburn, Codone, Coghill, Colburn, Collins, Coltert, Conkergood, Connolly, Cook, Cooper, Copeland, Cormack, Cowan, Cowans, Cowe, Craig, Crammond, Crawley, Cree, Crozier, Culberson, Culbertson, Cumming, Cunningham, Cunninghamn, Currie, Curry


Dallowell, Darling, Davidson, Davie, Dawson, Diamond, Dickman, Dickson, Diet, Dochard, Dodds, Dods, Donaghue, Donaldson, Donnelly, Doran, Douglas, Dove, Doyle, Drennan, Drummond, Dryden, Duff, Dulroy, Duncan, Dunlop, Dunn


Easton, Edgar, Edmonston, Elliot


Fairbairn, Fairgreive, Farquharson, Featherston, Featherstone, Fee, Ferguson, Fiddes, Fields, Findlay, Finnon, Flannigan, Fleming, Flynn, Fogo, Ford, Foster, Fox, Fraser, Frizell, Fyfe


Gall, Gallagher, Gallocher, Gardner, Garret, Gibb, Gibson, Gillies, Gilroy, Glen, Glennie, Goldie, Goodwin, Gordon, Gosfield, Gosset, Gow, Graden, Graham, Grahamslaw, Gray, Greenfield, Grey, Grieve, Guthrie


Haig, Hakin, Haldane, Hall, Hallerin, Halley, Halliday, Hamilton, Hampton, Hanlan, Hannah, Hardie, Harvey, Hastie, Haverey, Hay, Henderson, Hendry, Henney, Henry, Hermiston, Hervey, Hewat, Hewie, Higgins, Hillson, Hilson, Hindmarsh, Hislop, Hodge, Hogarth, Hogg, Hollands, Hollerin, Holmes, Hook, Hooker, Hookes, Hooks, Hooper, Hope, Hopper, Hossack, Houliston, Howie, Howlison, Huggan, Hughes, Hume, Hunt, Hunter, Hush


Inglis, Innes, Innis, Irvine, Isaac


Jack, Jackson, Jamieson, Jamison, Jane, Jeffrey, Johnston, Judge


Keay, Keelan, Keenan, Keith, Kennedy, Ker, Kerr, Kerse, Killin, King, Kinghorn, Kirkwood, Kyle


Laidlaw, Laing, Lamb, Lang, Lauder, Law, Lawson, Learmonth, Lee, Leith, Leslie, Liddell, Liddle, Lillico, Lillie, Lindsay, Linton, Litster, Little, Lockhart, Lockie, Lorimer, Lough, Lowrie, Luke, Lundie, Lyall, Lynch, Lynn, Lyon


Mabon, Mackay, Mackenzie, Maclean, Main, Mallen, Malone, Manavey, Mars, Marshall, Martin, Mason, Mather, Mathieson, Matthewson, Mauchlan, Maxwell, McBain, McCardle, McCartdle, McCom, McCombie, McCord, McCutcheon, Mcdonald, McDougall, McFarlane, McGeachan, McGhee, McGibbon, McGlaughlin, McGlone, McIntosh, McIntyre, McKay, Mckeith, McKellar, McKenzie, McKinlay, McLaren, McLean, McLellan, McLennan, McLeod, McManus, McMeechan, McMichan, McMillan, McNab, McVain, McVean, McWhinnie, Mellon, Melrose, Menzies, Mercer, Meredith, Merrilees, Messer, Metcalfe, Middlemas, Middlemiss, Mill, Millar, Miller, Millington, Mills, Milne, Milroy, Mitchel, Mitchell, Moffat, Moir, Mole, Montgomery, Mooney, Morrison, Morse, Moss, Muir, Munro, Murphy, Mustard


Neilson, Nicholson, Nicol, Nisbet


Ogden, Oliver, O'Neill, Ormiston, Orneill, Orr, Ovens


Paterson, Patterson, Paxton, Peacock, Pearson, Pender, Penny, Phaup, Phelan, Piercy, Pillans, Pirie, Playfair, Potter, Potts, Prentice, Pringle, Proctor, Proudfoot, Purdom, Purves, Pyle


Queen, Quin


Rae, Ramage, Ramsay, Rankin, Redpath, Reid, Reilly, Renton, Renwick, Richardson, Rickets, Riddell, Ridley, Roach, Robertson, Robson, Rodden, Rodger, Rodgers, Ronald, Ronaldson, Ross, Roy, Rule, Russell, Rutherford


Saddler, Sadler, Samuel, Scoon, Scott, Scougall, Selley, Sheddon, Shepherd, Shiel, Shiell, Shiels, Shirra, Short, Shrinkly, Sibbald, Silvester, Simpson, Sinton, Skirving, Slight, Sloan, Smail, Smeaton, Smith, Snaith, Spalden, Sprott, Stavert, Steel, Stenhouse, Stevens, Stevenson, Stewart, Stimpson, Stirling, Stobo, Stockwell, Storey, Stormonth, Strathearn, Summers, Sutherland, Swanston, Sweeney, Swinton, Symington


Tait, Taylor, Tennant, Thompson, Thomson, Thorburn, Thornton, Timlin, Tinlan, Tinlin, Tod, Todd, Tolmie, Townsley, Train, Trainer, Trannent, Trotter, Tunnah, Turnbull, Turner, Tweedie, Tyson


Waddell, Waldie, Walker, Wallace, Wanless, Ward, Wardlaw, Waters, Watson, Watt, Weatherston, Webb, Weddell, Weir, Wenham, Whellans, White, Whitelaw, Whitelock, Whittie, Wight, Wightman, Wilkinson, Williamson, Wilson, Winkie, Wishart, Wood, Wright


Yewdell, Young, Younger, Yule
Reviewed October 2006.

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