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Peeblesshire map

The parish of Peebles lies in the eastern half of the county of the same name. Eddleston is on the northern boundary with Innerleithen and Traquair to the east. The southern tip borders onto Selkirkshire parish of Yarrow with Lyne, Stobo and Manor on the wast. The town originated at the pont where Eddleston Water enters the Tweed. John Buchan the author and William Chambers, the publisher and orignator of Chambers dictionary were both born in Peebles. There are now two parishes in Peebles - the Old Parish Church (to which Eddleston is now linked) and St Andrews Leckie

Old Parish Records cover the periods:

  • Births: 1622-1659, 1660-1819, 1819-1854 (Mothers' names are rare until 1742)
  • Marriages: 1628-1659, 1660-1820, 1820-1854
  • Deaths: 1628-1659, 1660-1688, 1687-1712, 1742-1847

Sales List

  • 1841 Census - Peebles
  • 1851 Census - Peebles
  • 1861 Census - Peebles
  • Death Records - Peebles 1820 - 1829
  • Death Records - Peebles 1830 - 1847
Peebles Old Parish Church Peebles Parish Church

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Magazine Articles

Please note that the heading Author includes persons who have compiled or transcribed records; and that the topics indexed, and the synopses are subjective opinions.
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Title Synopsis Size Description Issue No Author
The Railways of PeeblesInformation on a new publication entitled 'The Railways of Peebles' which traces the competition between two railway companies to open a line to Peebles, the competing lines which were opened and their subsequent history.1 page or more 84 
Restoration of Gravestone at Peebles - James SloaneAn account of the restoration of a gravestone in the churchyard at Peebles of James Sloane who was rector of Peebles Grammar School between 1802 and 1843. Also extracts on James Sloane from a book 'Glimpses of Peebles and Forgotten Characters in its History' by Alexander Williamson published in 1895.2 pages or more 84 
Secret PeeblesReview of the book 'Secret Peebles' by Liz Hanson.less than 1 page 95Ronald Morrison 
Peebles History TourReview of a book compiled by Liz Hanson being a photographic tour of Peebles.less than 1 page 97Ronald Morrison 
David Reid Dewar - Another of War's VictimsThe story of David Reid Dewar, originally from Cumnock but who moved to Peebles before enlisting and being severely mentally affected by his experiences in the Great War and of his subsequent life when he was described as 'confused, incoherent and delusional'.2 pages or more 89Margaret Ross 
The Presbytery of Melrose and PeeblesBook review. Author: Fraser Simm. A summary of the upcoming merger of the presbyteries in the Borders from 1/January 2023. The current 3: Duns, Jedburgh and Melrose & Peebles, will be merged. This commemorative booklet combines the achievements each congregation has achieved in the past, with 122 photographs to back up the text. Many parishes in the Melrose & Peebles parishes are listed.less than 1 page 110Fraser Simm 
Newspapers published in the BordersBorder newspapers published in the Borders, 65 in total.2 pages or more 5Peter Elliot 
MapsBrief notes about Borders maps available from the Society, and on the Internet.1 page or more 43Peter Munro 
Peebles Combination PoorhouseA brief history of poorhouses in general and Peebles Poorhouse in particular. It includes some information about staff and inmates in the late 19th century.5 pages or more 74Janis Miller 
Alexander Turnbull and his FamilyIf you have any Turnbulls in your family and you think that you came from the Borders, this is a must for you. Turnbulls from Galashiels, Selkirk and Hawick.5 pages or more 25Jane Gibson 
Recording the Jardines - A one-name study17 years of research of the Jardine Clan Society. A history of the Clan and the worldwide story of the Jardines.4 pages or more 27Violet Jardine 
John White and Margaret BrownA summary of research into John "Jock" White and Margaret "Maggie" Brown born in Scotland, but lived in Hyde Park Massachusetts. Census records revealed John's father (John White Senior) was born at Needlehall, Galashiels, May 1852, near the Needle Ha' ford across the Tweed. Jock was brought up in Galashiels (Low Buckholmside per the 1861 census) and Maggie married in Innerleithen - both were power loom weavers. They, and 2 sons, and John Senior emigrated to the USA July 1884. Maggie's father was William Brown (born Yarrow 1827) and Jane Anderson (1816), with previous generations hailing from Peebles and Innerleithen.2 pages or more 105Jane Stephenson 
William Kerr--Portrait of a Canadian ImmigrantJohn Kerr from Peebles, emigrated to America, fought in the Civil War, was honourably discharged and settled down to a farmer's life.1 page or more 12Colin Wood 
Forgotten BorderersJames Grieve and his interesting contribution to the lowly apple.1 page or more 28Jean M. Smith 
Links with old Peebles FamiliesA investigating search into old Peebles families.2 pages or more 12Rena Stewart 
The Descendants of James Borrowman (1744-1813)The history of the name Borrowman from Edinburgh down to Peebles and beyond, with a pedigree chart.2 pages or more 17Philip R Borrowman 
Peeblesshire's First CarAn account of Peeblesshire's first car built by Laurence Bell in a rented shed in Peebles and how from such humble beginnings developed the Scottish Motor Traction Company (SMT).2 pages or more 82Gwen Stein 

Map of Peebles from UK Great Britain, Ordnance Survey one-inch to the mile (1:63,360), 'Hills' edition, 1885-1903
by kind permission of the National Library of Scotland.
Use the control at the top left of the map to zoom in or out and drag the map left, right, up, or down as you wish.

Map of Peebles from UK Ordnance Survey Historical Maps from 1919-1947
by kind permission of the National Library of Scotland.
Use the control at the top left of the map to zoom in or out and drag the map left, right, up, or down as you wish.

Other Sources

Scottish Borders Archives, The Hub, Hawick

School Records

Poor Law

Burgh of Peebles

The National Archives of Scotland

Peebles kirk session records (Ref - CH2/420)

Peebles Free Church (CH3/44 and 396)

In 1843, a group of parish members adhered to the Free Church and with others from surrounding parishes formed a new congregation. They had their own building first in School Brae and then Eastgate.

West Church Relief Presbyterian (CH3/397)

This congregation began in 1827 when several residents of Peebles who were dissatisfied with their minister applied for and obtained supply of sermon from the Relief Presbytery of Edinburgh. They built a church in 1828.

Peebles, St. Joseph's Catholic Church (RH21/81)

A domestic chapel was located at Traquair House from the 17th century, but there are no known registers. In 1850 a congregation was started at Peebles and a church consecrated to St. Joseph.

LDS Family History Library

East Church, Leckie Associate Burgher Presbyterian ( Film Number 1886231)

The church opened in 1791.


Peebles Information
Peebles Scotland
19th century accounts of Peebles parish and town
Genealogical index to Charters & Documents relating to the Burgh of Peebles, A.D. 1165-1710, W. Chambers Ed, Scottish Burgh Records Society 1872.

Place and Farm names appearing in census records

1841 census: Peebles, Hay Lodge, Biggieknowe, Cross Kirk, Cuddy-Side, Bridgegate, Northgate, Venlaw, Dalatho, Castlehill, Eastgate, Long Closs, Eastgateend, Kerfield, Tweed Green, Firknoll, Glen Craig, Jadderfield, Neidpath, Edston, Lynes Mill, Upper Kidston, Nether Kidston, Kidston Mill, Gills Burn, Standlane, Rosetta, Elliots Park, Venlaw, Swinton Park, Cross Burn, Langside, Temple Bar, Old Mailingland, North Mailingland, Foulage, Winkston, Red Scarhead, Soonhope, Little Ormiston, Kerfield, Wire Bridge, Eshiels Hope, Eshiels, Park, Orchard Park, Bridgend, Kingsmeadows, Scotsmill, White Bridge, Farniehaugh, Whitehaugh, Dog Craig, Whinny Knoll, Hope Bridge, Haystoune, Newby, Newby Hope, Gensax, Bonnington, Crookston, Cademuir, Eddlestone, Loanandale.

1851 census: Peebles, Hay Lodge, Biggiesknowe, Waulk Mill, Cuddyside, Bridgegate, Northgate, East Gate, Cunzienook, Kerfield, Minden, West Port, Castlehill, Tweed Green, Haystone, Tweedside, Kingsmeadows, Whitehaugh, White Bridge, Ferniehaugh, Scots MiIll, Kailzie Bank, Whinnyknow, Haystone, Nuby, Nuby Hope, Bonnington, Crookstone, Caedmuir, Lonandales, Edderstone, Neithpath, Firknowe,Glen Craig, Jedderfield, Edston, Lyns Mill, Goukston, Upper Kidston, Nether Kidston, Chapel Hill, Gill's Burn, Standlaine, Rosetta, Elliots Park, Eshiels Hope, Eshiels, Wire Bridge, Kerfield, Little Ormiston, Soonhope, Shielgreen, Heathpool, Foslage, Mailingsland, Old Mailingsland, Winkston, Scarhead, Templebar, Langside, Swinton Bank, Vainlaw, Cross Burn, Dalatho, Glensax.

1861 census: Peebles, Girdwood, Biggiesknowe, Waulkmill, Virgin Inns, Northgate, Bridge Gate, Cuddy Side, Cuddy Bank, Crosburn, Eastgate, Whinny Knowe, Wood Villas, Larch Villa, Loaningdales, Portbrae, Minden, Kerfield, Green Bank, Tweed Brae, Tweed Bank, Firknowe, Glencraig, Neidpath, Jedderfield, St Joseph's, Elliots Park, Rosetta, Gillsburn, Standlane, Edston, Lynes Mill, Upper Kidston, Kidston Mill, Chapelhill, Eshiels Hope, Eshiels, Wirebridge, Kerfield, Soonhope Mill, Soonhope, Venlawbank, Eastgateend, Summerfield, Smithfield, Venlaw, Shielgreen Heathpool, Foulage, Redscaurhead, Kidson Crossing, Winkston, Templebar, Mailingsland, Old Mailingsland, Langside, Swinton Bank, Dalatho, Tweed Bridge, Tweedside, Haystone, Kingsmeadows, Ferniehaugh, Whitebridge, Whitehaugh, Hope Bridge, Haystone, Newby, St. Mary's, Elder's Croft, Chambers, Elibank, Montgomery, Gosford, Beech Villa, Bonnington, Crookston, Cademuir, Edderstone, Neidpath South Parks.


Here are some figures showing the parish's population through time:

Peeblesshire Map