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Roxburghshire map

Castleton is the largest and most remote parish in Roxburghshire. It is situated in the south of the county on the border with England on the east and Dumfriesshire on the west. The Parishes of Teviothead, Kirkton, Hobkirk and Southdean & Abbotrule lie to the north. The parish lies in Liddesdale, a notorious haunt of the Border Reivers and is home to both Hermitage Castle and Liddle Castle.

The principle centre of population is Newcastleton which was built in the late 18th century to house people displaced by clearances from the original village of Castleton. It is also known as Copshaw Holm which gives it's name to the local Common Riding which has a flavour all of its own.

Another village in the parish was Riccarton Junction which for most of its existence was only accessible by rail. It existed to house railway workers who staffed a junction where a branch line to Kielder and Hexham in Northumberland left the Waverley Route between Edinburgh and Carlisle.

Hermitage Castle, Castleton ParishHermitage Castle

Old Parish Records cover the periods:

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Title Synopsis Size Description Issue No Author
The Early Kyles of Castleton, ScotlandThe researching of the Kyles and their history right through from the 1745 rebellion to living in Kelso in the 21st Century.2 pages or more 39John Murray and David Irvine 
Kelso Dispensary and Castleton Poor Law RecordsSome notes by the author on his publication on C.D. of Poor Law records instancing some of the information available and mentioning various diseases mentioned1 page or more 75Peter Munro 
Local TS Royal Edward KOSB casualtiesA list of KOSB casualties. (Additional names and places - William Hogg - Hawick. Also Dumfries and Galloway names - Archibald Strong - Johnstone, Francis Head Cameron - Whithorn, James Dickson + James Gordon - Kirkbean, James Kirkpatrick - Twynham, John McCaig - Port William, Joseph Hunter McMunnies - Tynwald, Joseph Melvin - Glasserton, Matthew Bryson Richardson - Lochmaben, John Telford + Robert Trodden - Annan.1 page or more 101Jared Squirrell 

Map of Castleton from UK Great Britain, Ordnance Survey one-inch to the mile (1:63,360), 'Hills' edition, 1885-1903
by kind permission of the National Library of Scotland.
Use the control at the top left of the map to zoom in or out and drag the map left, right, up, or down as you wish.

Map of Castleton from UK Ordnance Survey Historical Maps from 1919-1947
by kind permission of the National Library of Scotland.
Use the control at the top left of the map to zoom in or out and drag the map left, right, up, or down as you wish.

Other Sources

Scottish Borders Archives, The Hub, Hawick

School Records

The National Archives of Scotland

Castleton Parish Church (Ref - CH2/64)

Newcastleton Free Church (ref - CH3/243)

Hawick Archaeological Society

Berwickshire Naturalists' Club


A 19th Century description from the Imperial Gazetteer of Scotland, 1868
Another view of Riccarton Junction
A history of Hermitage Castle .
Team Liddell - a group of genealogists researching surnames thought to derive from Liddesdale and using DNA techniques.
Copshaw Common Riding .
Stobie's Map of Roxburghshire of 1770 .
RCHAMS website Scotland's Places contains details of

Place and Farm names in Census Records

1841 census: Saughtree, Hudshouse, Myredykes, Wormscleugh, Burnmouth, Thorlieshope, Fairloans, Blakehope, Larriston, Phaupknow, Pinglehole, Riccarton, Huisbank, Kidalins, Dinlabyre, Boghall, Kirndean, Florida, Bridgend, Bankend, Pouseholm, Ovenshanks, Wheathaugh, Cleuchhead, Brighouse, Hardon, Bellshiels, Castleton, Newstead, Westburnflatt, Whithaugh, Pinn, Twyden Bank, Yethouse, Greens, Sundhope, Stitchill, Whitrope, Milburn, Brownknowe, Hermitage, Roughlee, Billhope, Twislopehope, Gorrenberry, Broadlee, Dinley, Everrow, Newlands, Netherraw, Byegate, Langhaugh, Blackburnfoot, South Greenholm, North Greenholm, Foulshiels, Redheugh, Roan, Greena, Dinwoody, Whisgills, Burnmouth, Gillfoot, Redmoss, Knowhead, Blackburn, Newcastleton Village.

1851 census: Castleton, Saughtree, Old Saughtree, Thornliehopeburn, Thornliehope, Fairloans, Myredykes, Peel, Wormscleugh, Singdean, Note o' the Gate, Grain, Hudshouse, Blackhope, Larriston, Larristonrigg, Burnmouth, Pinglehole, Riccarton, Riccarton Mill, Huisbridgend, Burnfoot, Kiddlalinns, Dinlabyre, Mains, Wheathaugh, Boghall, Kirndean, Florida, Harden, Bellshiels, Piperburn, Byreholm, Pousholm, Bankend, Bridgend, Ovenshank, Wheathaugh, Westerburnflatt, Whithaugh, Whithaughburn, Whithaugh Mill, , Dykecrofts, Yethouse, Tweedenbank, Blinkbonny, Tweedenhead, Kershope, Foalfootstone, Pin, Flatt, Abbotshaws, Sorbytrees, Clarkleap,Mangerton, Greens, Burnmouth,Dinwoodie, Lawstown, Geena, Longrow, Liddlebank, Ryliehead, Whisgills, Redmoss, Guilside, Guilfoot, Guilbraehead, Demainholm, Knowhead, Blackbirn, Woollock, Roan, Brox,Sandholm, Redheugh, Foulshiels, Hartsgarth, Byegate, Leehaugh, Snaberlee, North Greenholm, Greenholm, Hartsgarth, Hazzleyside, Longhaugh, Netherraw, Whitknow, Upperraw, Toftholm, Hermitage, Shaws, Newlands, Cleughhead, Milburn, Hermitage, Sundhope, Mount, Whitrope Tollbar, Whitropefoot, Limekilnedge, Winchielknowe, Phaupknowe, Roughlee, Dinleahaugh, Dinlee, Horsemanford, Broadleeburnfoot, Broadlee, Broadleehope, Gorrenberry, Old Gorrenberry, Twislophope, Twislehop, Billhope, Newcastleton.

1861 census: Saughtree, Dawstone, Caldron Burn, Grain, Note o' the Gate, Wormscleugh, Peel, Myredykes, Fairloans, Thorlieshope, Larriston, Blackhope, Riccarton, Burnmouth, Dinlaybyre, Bankend, Ovenshank, Powisholm, Mains, Wheathaugh, Bogghall, Floriday, Harden, Bellshiels, Dykecrofts, Yethouse, Blinkbonny, Flatt, Sorbytrees, Clarkleap, Greens, Whithaugh, Demainholm, Gillbraehead, Redmoss, Liddlebank, Longraw, Lawston, Dinwoodie, Under Burnmouth, Brocks, Sandholm, Redheugh, Roan, Blackburn, Leahaugh, South Greenholm, Bygate, Cleughhead, Shaws, Hartsgarth, Roughlee, Phaugh Knowe, Stitchelhill, Whitrope, Wpe Tunnel, Wpe Rigg, Sundhope, Whitrope, Shankfoot, Twislop, Hermitage, Broadlee, Gorrrenberry, Dinlee, Horsemanford, Newcastleton Village.


The population has been recorded as follows:

Roxburghshire map