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Berwickshire map

Coldstream is situated in south central Berwickshire on the English border. The parish of Swinton and Simprim lies to the north, the English county of Northumberland lies to the south and east and the Parish of Eccles is to the west.

Old Parish Records cover the periods:

  • Births: 1690 to 1854.
  • Marriages: 1693 to 1713 and 1766 to 1854.
  • Deaths: 1698 to 1713 and 1785 to 1854.
      Coldstream Parish Church Coldstream Parish Church

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Pre 1855 memorial records have been transcribed (see below).

Coldstream History Society has transcribed the stones in Lennel Churchyard and these are searchable on line - see below

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Volumes available for consultation within our Archive

Magazine Articles;

Please note that the heading Author includes persons who have compiled or transcribed records; and that the topics indexed, and the synopses are subjective opinions.
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Title Synopsis Size Description Issue No Author
Female Suffrage by "Titwillow"This article was first published in a family magazine produced and edited by his grandfather Robert Hogg who farmed at Fireburnmill Coldstream.4 pages or more 38John C. Gill 
From Simprim Kirk session records 1705--A case of DrunkennessDrink was the downfall of two friends after a session in Coldstream in 1705.1 page or more 7Colin Wood 
Old soldiers of the eighteenth centuryThis is a list and some extracts from War Office records at the Public Record Office at Kew. If you are studying shoemakers - read this.1 page or more 11E. A. Gray 
The men who marched awayIf you have heard Gavin speak, you will know how he has devoted his all spare time to this subject this is the K.O.S.B. part in Gallipoli, another Flodden. Men missing: Gala 54, Hawick 52, Jedburgh 18, and so on.3 pages or more 9Gavin Richardson 
Poor Relief in the 1840sTalk given at the Society’s Open Meeting on 16th September 2001, about how poor relief cases were determined, and how much they received in 1843 in Coldstream.4 pages or more 47Peter Munro 
Poor Relief in the 1840sA review of the operation of the poor relief in the early 19th century. It includes the size of the allowances paid and an estimate of the cost of living at the time.4 pages or more 71Peter Munro 
Local Histories - Second to None - a History of ColdstreamReview of a volume about the history of Coldstream, from the founding of the priory in 1098, movement of armies to and fro across the Border (including campaigns and the Battle of Flodden). The 'Rough Wooing' and the formation of the Coldstream Guards and their campaigns is covered, plus local businesses and societies over the years.less than 1 page 100Ronald Morrison 
Border Marriages Boon for "Priests" and Bane for SearchersThe rise and fall of the "Irregular Marriages" From Gretna to Lamberton.4 pages or more 30Northumberland and Durham History Soc. 
Berwick-upon-Tweed Twixt Thistle and Rose-A Family Historian's NightmareLocations and types of marriages in and on the Border. Types of sources, also Parish Registers for 18th and 19th century.2 pages or more 33Linda Bankier 
Jerdan Family HistoryThe family history of the Jerdans, who they married, and where they lived in the Borders.2 pages or more 34Fred Kennington 
Jethart JockThe mystery of Jethart Jock of Coldstream, husband of the Gypsy Queen Esther Faa Blyth and attempts to identify.2 pages or more 86John Murray 
Notes on the Halliburton FamilyThe Halliburton family who were well known landowners in the Borders from the 13th to 18th centuries. The Halliburtons intermarried with other well known Border families.2 pages or more 6C.D. Wickenden 
County Railway Routes - Berwick to St BoswellsDetails of the book in the Country Railway Book series Berwick to St Boswells.less than 1 page 89 
The Gladstones: A studyThis is a brief outline of the Gladstone family here in the Borders and as far away as Edinburgh, and Norwich.3 pages or more 35G.M.S. Lauder-Frost 
Kelso's Ragged schoolCase histories and fate of children in the 1800s who went to a Ragged School. These three names from the excellent book that Audrey has written will make you want to purchase this book.2 pages or more 9Audrey Mitchell 
The Jessie Miller storyA mystery regarding the parentage of Jessie Miller born in 1793 at Coldstream - her marriage to a Robert Scott who was later convicted for murder and questions about the number of her own family.1 page or more 79Mike Bucher 
The Flowers of the ForestBorders who fell at Flodden A list of nobility who fell in the battle The rank and file fell with no records.2 pages or more 26Andrew Cockburn 
Border Marriage RecordsThe history of Irregular Marriages up and down the country.2 pages or more 34Donald Whyte 
The Purves, Clays, and the Crimean WarThis is the text of the authors' talk to the Society titled 'James Charles Purves: a Coldstream Lad at the Charge' on 20th March 2005 about one of the participants in the charge of the Light Brigade, the battle, and some of James' family.12 pages or more 58Will Murray and Trevor Swan 
A Case for the CommissaryThe amount of information found on any particular family is a matter of luck but time spent will be rewarding.4 pages or more 33Rosemary Bigwood 
Greenlaw and Melrose BrownleesNew member Graham Somerville has been able to confirm speculation in Issue 105 regarding the Berwickshire Brownlee ancestors. Thomas Brownlee and his twin Robert were born 1851 at Greenlaw of parents Alexander Brownlee (1797-1874 - Greenlaw) and Mary Ann Hood (1807 (Coldstream)-1887(Greenlaw)). The member has DNA matches to Robert. The family story is further described and evidence seen at Greenlaw Church.1 page or more 110Editor 
Coldstream History SocietyA note on a project recently undertaken by the Society including the transcription of the graveyard at Lennel Cemetery, Coldstream and also a project to record detailed genealogical information of all names appearing on War Memorials in Berwickshire and North Northumberland.less than 1 page 79 

Map of Coldstream from UK Great Britain, Ordnance Survey one-inch to the mile (1:63,360), 'Hills' edition, 1885-1903
by kind permission of the National Library of Scotland.
Use the control at the top left of the map to zoom in or out and drag the map left, right, up, or down as you wish.

Map of Coldstream from UK Ordnance Survey Historical Maps from 1919-1947
by kind permission of the National Library of Scotland.
Use the control at the top left of the map to zoom in or out and drag the map left, right, up, or down as you wish.

Other Sources

Scottish Borders Archives, The Hub Hawick

School Records

Berwickshire Naturalists' Club


The Coldstream Town Website - contains much information on Coldstream and it history.
The Coldstream History Society Website Contains a searchable database of transcripts of the Monumental Inscriptions at Lennel Churchyard; also Cornhill Churchyard in Northumberland and also of the fallen recorded on War Memorials across Berwickshire and North Northumberland
History of Coldstream
History of the Coldstream Guards .
The RCHAMS website Scotland's Places contains details of;

Place and Farm Names in the Census Records

1841 census: Coldstream, Quarry Houses, Hope Park, Dunse Loan, Dovecot, Rosy Bank, Rosybank, Braeheads, Lees, Hillhead, Fireburn Mill, Hatchetnize, Todrig, Hirsel, Crooks, Spylaw, Kincharn, Muirhuses, Castlelaw, Darnchester, Wylliecleugh, Hawkslaw, Dovecotmains, Sootyfield, Lennel, New Coldstream, Oxenridge, Kittle Naked, Skaithmuir, Todhillridge, Milne Graden, Sunny Side, Tweed Mill, Lennel Hill.

1851 census: Coldstream, Hatfield, Hope Park, Quarry Houses, Gallows Know, Rosey Bank, Tweed Bank, Gilkie's Edge, Dove Cot, Lees,Coldstream Mains, Moorhouses, Hirsel, Skaithmoor,Toodle Rig, Milne Graden, Sunny Side, Tweed Mill, Lennel Hill, Oxen Ridge, Lennel, New Town, Marlefield, Hawkslaw, George field, Darnchester, Castlelaw, Todrig,, Hatchednize, Crooks, Fireburn, Molesmill, Spylaw, Hill House, Lees Bank, Westmains, Wylliecleugh.

1861 census: Coldstream, Hatfield, Hope Park, Gallowsknowe, Lees, Milne Graden, Sunnyside, Tweed Mill, Lennel, Coldstream Mains, Oxenrig, Lennel Hill, Skaithmuir, Todhillrig, Fireburn, Hill House, Hirsel, Hatchednize, Todrigg, Darnchester, Wylliecleugh, Hawkslaw, Martle Field, Dovecotemains, Georgefield, Darnchester, Castlelaw, Crooks Lodge, Quarry Lodge, Spylaw, Kinchim, Crooks, Hirsellaw.


The population has been recorded as follows:

Berwickshire map