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Berwickshire map

Edrom is a rural Parish in east central Berwickshire being bounded on the north by the Parishes of Bunkle and Preston and Chirnside, on the east by the Parish of Hutton, on the south by the Parishes of Whitsome, Swinton and Fogo and on the west by the Parishes of Langton and Duns.

Old Parish Records cover the periods:

  • Births: 1721 to 1854.
  • Marriages: 1763 to 1854.
  • Deaths: 1783 to 1822 and 1828 (one entry)
Edrom Parish Church Edrom Parish Church

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Only pre 1855 memorial records have been transcribed (see below).

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Magazine Articles

Please note that the heading Author includes persons who have compiled or transcribed records; and that the topics indexed, and the synopses are subjective opinions.
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Title Synopsis Size Description Issue No Author
Full of Egotism, Diaries of Rev John HastieThis is the text of Ronald's talk to the Society on 21st March 2004. It was about a diary which should appeal to those with an interest in local history, a snapshot of life in a rural Parish between 1797 and 1822, and for those connected to Edrom - an opportunity to ‘meet the ancestor’.2 pages or more 55Ronald Morrison 
New Society Publication - EdromAn account of the publication by the Society of the Edrom Monumental Inscriptions etc. also some background on the parish and persons associated.2 pages or more 91 
Edrom Monumental InscriptionsA report on the publication of the Edrom Monumental Inscriptions C.D.less than 1 page 93 
Edrom and Preston Road, Duns burialsReport of a donation to the Society of copy records relating to burials at Edrom Churchyard and Preston Road, Duns Churchyard.less than 1 page 96 
'What a Mine of Capability!' - Victorian Church Extension and the Edrom Subscription List of 1839A review of the survey of the denominations of families within Edrom parish in 1835 organised by Rev. Alexander Cuthbertson (835 established church individuals from a population of just over 1,400). The survey found the church to be too small and subscriptions were collected (£864 9s 2d) to rebuild the church under the auspices of the Church of Scotland's Extension scheme, but this was never to be as the split in to the church by the founding of the Free Church of Scotland 1843, meant there was no longer a need for additional space. However, it was still rebuilt and reopened in 1886. Since then the fall in population and religious affiliation has meant uniting with Chirnside + Bonkyl and then Duns + Bonkyl. Currently there are twice-monthly services to a congregation of 12 Sunday 15th March 2020. A list if the subscribers including a third from working class families ranging from 1d to £1 10s per subscriber.5 pages or more 104Kenneth McLean 
From Coldstream to CanadaThe Galbraith history from Coldstream to Toronto University. A comprehensive account of the Galbraiths.3 pages or more 26James Burns 
Kelso Mail ExtractsSix birth announcements published in the newspaper in 1803 and 1804.1 page or more 73Marjorie Gavin 
Robert FortuneAn account of the life of Robert Fortune born at Edrom who became a renowned botanist and undertook several journeys (often proving quite perilous ) to China and the Far East - Many plants are named after him and he can probably lay claim to be the founder of the tea industry in India having smuggled plants out of China to help establish this. Buried at Brompton Cemetery, London where a memorial to him has recently been restored.3 pages or more 80Ronald Morrison 
Waterloo and BeyondSome notes by the author on his attempt to find gravestones and memorials to those who died in the Napoleonic Wars.less than 1 page 88Kenneth McLean 
Pierre Merlet and the Humes of BroomhouseAn account of the author's researches to prove that Helen Home of Broomhouse was responsible for the smuggling out of France during the French Revolution of the infant Pierre Merlet who later became a distinguished linguist.6 pages or more 90David Wesley 
Uncleanness at EdromA tale of impropriety extracted from the Edrom Session Records.1 page or more 86Ronald Morrison 
Brown's Self Interpreting Family BibleGeorge Brown of Horncliffe brought into the offices the very large Brown family bible. Lavishly illustrated, it also included Family Register page. A transcript of the text is presented. It includes members of the Robertson family from Alexander Robertson (b. 1829 in Simperon Mains) and his wife Margaret (b. 1825 in Swinton) through to Georgina Dickson Robertson and Mary Dickson Robertson born in 1871 in Monkerstones, Fogo. All names registered were from the Borders. Research has confirmed more of the family up to the George Brown who donated the bible.less than 1 page 110Editor 

Map of Edrom from UK Great Britain, Ordnance Survey one-inch to the mile (1:63,360), 'Hills' edition, 1885-1903
by kind permission of the National Library of Scotland.
Use the control at the top left of the map to zoom in or out and drag the map left, right, up, or down as you wish.

Map of Edrom from UK Ordnance Survey Historical Maps from 1919-1947
by kind permission of the National Library of Scotland.
Use the control at the top left of the map to zoom in or out and drag the map left, right, up, or down as you wish.

20 Most Common Surnames

The 20 most common surnames on gravestones recorded by us in the Edrom monumental inscriptions volume are (number of gravestones in brackets): JOHNSTON (43), ROBERTSON (41), PATERSON (39), BLACKADDER (33), WILSON (30), DICKSON (28), ANDERSON (28), BROWN (26), LOGAN (26), PURVES (26), TURNBULL (22), BOSWALL (19), BELL (19), SWINTON (18), GIBSON (18), COCKBURN (17), HOGG (17), FORREST (17), LOGAN HOME (17), DODDS (16).

Other Sources

Scottish Borders Archives, The Hub Hawick

School Records

The Scottish Archives, Edinburgh

Edrom Parish Church (Ref - CH2 1133)

Allanton Free Church

Berwickshire Naturalists' Club


A short description the parish.
The RCHAMS website Scotland's Places contains details of;

Place and Farm names in Census Records:

1841 census: Edrom, Loanhead, White Mire, Craig Walls, Bighouse, Stuartslaw, New Stead, Todheugh, Old Edrom, New Edrom, Edrom Mains, Edrom Newton, Broomhouse, Swallowdean, Nisbet, Old Crunklaw, Crunklaw, Wittywalls, Nisbet Hill, Nisbet, Mill, Pathhead, Bankhead, Mungoswalls, Reedyloch, Kelloe, Sinclairshall, Kimmerghame, Mount Pleasant, Belshiel, Sandpit, Greenknowe, Middlestots, Kimmerghame Mill, Kimmerghame Heugh, Whitlaw, Whitelaw, Old Toll, Blackadder, Blackadder Mount, Tempest Bank, Allanton, Broomdykes.

1851 census: Edrom, Edrom Newton, Broomhouse, Kelloe Bastle, Todhaugh, Craigwalls, Newstead, Chirnside Bridge, Stuartslaw, Boathl, Kimmergham, Sinclairshill, Kimmerghame Heugh, Middlestots, Greenknowe, Kingslaw, Bellshiel, Mount Pleasant, Nisbethill, Nisbet Mill, Pathhead, Weetywalls, Crunklaw, Old Crunklaw, Nisbet, Nisbet Rhodes, Allanton, Broomdykes, Blackadder Bank, Blackadder East, Blackadder, Reedyloch, Kelloe, Whitelaw, Blackadder Mount.

1861 census: Edrom, Broomhouse, Swallowdean, Edrom Mains, Todheugh, Quarry House, Edrom Newton, Stuartslaw, Craigwalls, Chirnside Bridge, Allanton, Broomdykes, Blackadder Bank, Tempest Bank, Allanbank, Blackadder, Kelloe, Whitemire, Kelloe Bastle, Dovecot, Reedyloch, Mungoswalls, Nesbit Rhodes, Weetywalls, New Crunklaw, Nesbit Mill, Mountpleasant, Kimmerghame Mains, Sinclairshill, Kimmerghame, Belshiel, Sand Pit, Greenknowe, Middlestots, Whitelaw.


The population has been recorded as follows:

Berwickshire map