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Selkirkshire map

Ettrick is a rural Parish in the County of Selkirk being bounded on the north-west by the Parish of Yarrow, on the north-east by the Parish of Kirkhope on the south-east by the Parish of Roberton, on the south-west by the County of Dumfries. Ettrick is now part of the combined parish of Ettrick and Yarrow which also includes Kirkhope.

Old Parish Records cover the periods:

  • Births: 1693 to 1854.
  • Marriages: 1693 to 1854.
  • Deaths: 1746 to 1852.

Sales List

  • 1841 census Ettrick.
  • 1851 census Ettrick.
  • 1861 census Ettrick.
  • CD-ROM Ettrick Monumental Inscriptions compiled by Selkirk Antiquarians - includes:
    • history of kirkyard.
    • transcription of War Memorials.
    • Militia Lists.
    • articles on James Hogg, Thomas Boston and Tibbie Shiels. .
  • Ettrick Burials 1829 to 1852 by Nigel Hardie.

See our sales list for full details and cost of postage.

Ettrick Parish Church Ettrick Parish Church

Local Pictures

Volumes available for consultation within our Archive

Magazine Articles

Please note that the heading Author includes persons who have compiled or transcribed records; and that the topics indexed, and the synopses are subjective opinions.
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Title Synopsis Size Description Issue No Author
An Elephantine trip to St Mary's LochGeorge Reavly in his history of Galashiels notes that fifty years ago not a gig could be got to hire. One of the largest trips that ever left Galashiels propelled by horse power. On the trip to St Marys Loch.2 pages or more 22K. McRae 
Seasons of PromiseReport on a book 'Seasons of Promise' being a history of the Currie family.less than 1 page 98 
The See-Through House: My Father in Full ColourA review of a book by Shelley Klein, the younger daughter of Bernat Klein, who built a modern house between Selkirk and Ettrick, and who ran a textile design business in Galashiels in the 1950s to 1970s. It is the story of Bernat's life.less than 1 page 104Enid Cruikshank 
Rob of TrowsA very prince of a Tweed boatman. That was the description of Rob by Sir Robert Maxwell in his Book "The Story of the Tweed".2 pages or more 19 
From Crosslee to Salt Lake CityThe journey of William Scott Clark from Ettrick to Idaho.2 pages or more 71George Clark 
James Hogg AncestryReport of research to establish a family connection with James Hogg, the Ettrick Shepherd,1 page or more 98Mike Hogg 

Map of Ettrick from UK Great Britain, Ordnance Survey one-inch to the mile (1:63,360), 'Hills' edition, 1885-1903
by kind permission of the National Library of Scotland.
Use the control at the top left of the map to zoom in or out and drag the map left, right, up, or down as you wish.

Map of Ettrick from UK Ordnance Survey Historical Maps from 1919-1947
by kind permission of the National Library of Scotland.
Use the control at the top left of the map to zoom in or out and drag the map left, right, up, or down as you wish.

20 Most Common Surnames

The 20 most common surnames on gravestones recorded by us in the Ettrick Kirkyard monumental inscriptions volume are (number of gravestones in brackets): SCOTT (25), NAPIER (21), LAIDLAW (21), BRYDON (16), ANDERSON (16), GRIEVE (13), AMOS (11), DALGLIESH (9), DAVIDSON (8), BEATTIE (7), STEWART (6), LITTLE (6), BIGGAR (5), MOFFAT (5), ELLIOT (5), THOMSON (5), SWORD (5), CUNNINGHAM (4), GLENDINNING (4), PRINGLE (4).

Other Sources

Scottish Borders Archives, The Hub Hawick

School Records

Militia and Military Records

Hawick Archaeological Society articles

Berwickshire Naturalists' Society articles

The Southern Annual


Ettrick and Yarrow Valleys Website .
RCHAMS website Scotland's Places contains details of;

Place and Farm names in Census Records

1841 census: Ettrick, Over Phawhope, Potburn, Bragbarhill, Nether Phowhope, Kirkhope, Shorthope, Brockhope, Cossarhill, Burnfoot, Rockvale, Scabcleugh, Goose Green, Craih Hill, Ramsaycleugh, Thirlestane, Hopehouse, Shepherdcleugh, Thirlestane Hope, Tushilaw, Wolfhope,, Crookwelcome, Crosslee, Deephope, Gemmelscleugh, Ettrickside, Flockfield, Annalshope, Burnfoot, Carcabank, East Buccleuch, West Buccleuch, Muchrah, Kercleugh, Chapelhope, Riskinhope, Fenzrhopehaugh, Baldhill, Roplawshiel, Mountcommon, Meerlees, Gair, Over Dalgleish, Glenkerry, Burnfoot, Nether Dalgleish, Conscleugh, Midgehope.

1851 census: Ettrick, Over Phawhope, Under Phawhope, Potburn, Braidgarhill, Kirkhope, Brockhopeburnfoot, Shorthope, Brockhoperigg, Cossarhill, Rockvale, Scabcleuch, Goosegreen, Craighill, Ettrick Hall, Ramsaycleuch, Primrose Brae, Kiisyke, Thirlstane, Hopehouse, Tushielaw, Crosslee, Crookwelcome, East Buccleuch, West Buccleuch, Cacrabank, Annelshope, Ettrickside, Gamescleuch, Deephope, Kerrcleuch, Muchrah, Chapelhope, Summerhope, Riskinhope, Midgehope, Timaside, Glenkerry, Nether  Dalgliesh Over Dalgliesh, Concecleuch, Gair, Meerlees, Mt.Common, Ropelawshiel, Badhill , Fenzhopehaugh.

1861 census: Ettrick, Over & Lower Phawhope, Potburn, Broadgarhill, Kirkhope, Shorthope, Brockhoperigg, Cossarhill, Rockvale, Scabcleuch, Craighillend, Goosegreen, Ramsaycleugh, Kilsyke, Thirlestane, Hopehouse, Tushilaw, Crookwelcome, Crosslee, Deephope, Gamescleuch, Annelshope, Cacrabank, E & W Buccleuch, Fenzehopehaugh, Ropelawshiel, Bedhill, Over Dalgleish, Nether Dalgliesh, Conscleuch, Gair, Meerlees, Glenkerry, Timaside, Midgehope, Summerhope, Muchrah, Chapelhope, Riskinhope, Kerrcleuch.


The population has been recorded as follows:

Selkirkshire map

Local Pictures

 James Hogg Monument, St Mary
James Hogg Monument, St Mary's Loch (before 1939)

 James Hogg Monument, St Mary
James Hogg Monument, St Mary's Loch

 St Mary
St Mary's Loch (before 1906)

 St Mary
St Mary's Loch (before 1906)

 St Mary
St Mary's Loch (before 1906)

 St Mary
St Mary's Loch

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