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Roxburghshire map

Hawick Parish lies in south east Roxburghshire at the confluence of the River Teviot and Slitrig Water. The Parish of Wilton is to the north, the Parish of Cavers, the Parish of Kirkton lies to the east, the Parish of Teviothead and the Parish of Roberton in Selkirkshire is on the west.

Hawick was once the centre of the Border's thriving textile industry and noted for the production of high quality cashmere and merino wool knitwear. It is home to one of the best known Common Ridings - when the ancient custom of riding the marches of the town are comemorated - which can be traced back in to the election of the first Cornet in 1703

There are three ecclesiastical parishes in Hawick at present - Burnfoot, St Mary's & the Old Kirk and Teviot.

Old Parish Records cover the periods:

  • Births: 1634 to 1854.
  • Marriages: 1629 to 1800 and from 1821 to 1854.
  • Deaths: 1758 to 1841 plus 1652 (one entry).
St Mary's & Old Parish Church St Mary's and Old Parish Church

Local Pictures

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Title Synopsis Size Description Issue No Author
The Leyden FamilyFrom USA, an article on the name Leyden with particular reference to Dr John Leyden.less than 1 page 12Ronald Spencer 
The Turnbulls of Minto Cleuchead, Burnfoot and East MiddleFrom Hawick to Australia Extracts from a book of more than three hundred pages .3 pages or more 26Mrs Robyn Crossle 
James Paris Lee 1831--1904 His Rifles reigned supremeBorn in Hawick, the very man who designed the Lee Enfield Rifle, emigrated to Canada, The Percussion Cap, a development by Rev Alexander Forsyth.2 pages or more 3Donald Whyte 
The Miller Family of Hawick, Scotland and Delaware County, New YorkThis Miller family who emigrated from Hawick or Roberton-they set up a farm in the Catskill mountains of New York.2 pages or more 34C. Raymond La Fever 
Australian deaths recorded in Hawick Advertiser part 2 1874-1890Deaths in the Hawick Advertiser, it also covers other parts of the Borders.4 pages or more 37Marjorie Gavin 
More Canadian Intimations in the Hawick Advertiser 1864-1868List of deaths in Canada mainly of persons who had connections with Hawick and the surrounding area.1 page or more 45Marjory Gavin 
Canadian Intimations in the "Hawick Advertiser" 1855 - 1898A list of births and marriages of Canadians intimated in the Hawick Advertiser between 1855-1898, with brief additional notes on some items.4 pages or more 47Marjory Gavin 
American Intimations in the Hawick Advertiser Births 1859-1900 and Marriages 1855-1872Births and marriages in America of people originally from Hawick and surrounding area.4 pages or more 48Marjorie Gavin 
Australian Intimations in Hawick AdvertiserDeaths 1862-1900, in Australia of people originally from Hawick and surrounding area.8 pages or more 55Marjorie Gavin 
New Zealand Intimations in Hawick Advertiser - Deaths 1860-1900Deaths 1860-1900, in New Zealand of people originally from Hawick and surrounding area.2 pages or more 57Marjorie Gavin 
Scottish Borders Council Archives - Hawick Heritage HubInformation about the new ‘state of the art’ Council archives due to open in May 2007.2 pages or more 63Rachel Hosker 
1849A report on Hawick in the year 1849, the year the Border Railway reached Hawick but also the year of the cholera epidemic. Includes contemporary reports on the epidemic and names of a number of those who died4 pages or more 77Anne Golden 
Hawick Through Time by Alastair RedpathA review of the book 'Hawick through Time' by Alastair Redpath.less than 1 page 86Peter Munro 
Hawick and District from Old PhotographsSome notes on the recently published book 'Hawick and District from Old Photographs', by Alastair M Redpath.less than 1 page 89Editor 
The Hawick Word BookReview of book 'The Hawick Word Book'.less than 1 page 98Enid Cruickshank 
Hawick and District and the Great WarReview of a book written by Derek Robertson and published by Hawick Archaeological Society to commemorate the 100th. Anniversary of the signing of the Armistice Agreement ending WW1.less than 1 page 99Enid Cruickshank 
Old Hawick (Lanton?) PhotoA photo taken by R. Robinson, the Arcade , Hawick for 1900 or earlier. Indoor and outdoor staff it seems. Other members of the group will have received a copy. Any identification welcomeless than 1 page 106James McCaskie 
Hawick Reivers FestivalA summary of the lawless and turbulent times celebrated in the Hawick Reivers Festival celebrated in March. Prominent reivers surnames are listed, together with words originating from the period and region.1 page or more 111Editor 
Newspapers published in the BordersBorder newspapers published in the Borders, 65 in total.2 pages or more 5Peter Elliot 
Death in the Borders: 19th Century Border Murder CasesBook review. Author: Norrie McLeish. Border Murder Cases- a great deal of research has gone into this volume. Gypsies, landlords, and farm workers, and many others. are included.2 pages or more 30Hugh K. Mackay 
The mole catchers of LilliesleafThe story of a mole and rabbit catcher in the Lilliesleaf area.1 page or more 18Mrs S.J. Hodgkinson 
Sidelines on the Borders RailwayNowadays, the only railway line in the Borders is the main east coast line in Berwickshire. Lady Gibson has discovered, however, that the history of the railways has plenty of interest for family historians.1 page or more 11Jane Gibson 
James Augustus Henry Murray (1837-1915)Biography of James Murray, a linguist, philologist, teacher. He was one of the founders of the Oxford English dictionary.1 page or more 45Valerie Mackay 
American Intimations in Hawick Advertiser - Marriages 1876-1900Marriages in America of people originally from Hawick and surrounding area.2 pages or more 50Marjorie Gavin 
American Intimations in Hawick Advertiser -Deaths 1857-1878Deaths in America of people originally from Hawick and surrounding area.5 pages or more 51Marjorie Gavin 
American Intimations in Hawick Advertiser - Deaths 1879-1889Deaths in America of people originally from Hawick and surrounding area.3 pages or more 52Marjorie Gavin 
American Intimations in Hawick Advertiser - Deaths 1890-1900Deaths in America of people originally from Hawick and surrounding area.3 pages or more 53Marjorie Gavin 
It’s in the bloodNotes about why Anne, a member of the Society Council, became interested in family history.1 page or more 57Anne Turnbull 
Miscellaneous Intimations in Hawick Advertiser - Births 1854-1900Previous compilations of intimations have related to events in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the USA. These relate to births in other locations, of people originally from Hawick and surrounding area.3 pages or more 58Marjorie Gavin 
Two Brothers-in- LawAn account of the conflict and subsequent reconciliation of two members of the Haddon family of Hawick.2 pages or more 94Enid Cruickshank 
Stirches Brick, Tile and Pottery WorksA history of the Stirches Brick Tile and Pottery Works (est. 1850 by John Scott-Chisholme), when the tweed and hosiery trade took a downturn. A combination of the growth in the woollen trade bringing people from the Midlands and Yorkshire who needed living accommodation, plus the arrival of the railway in 1849 to bring sandstone for building, seemed an idea that could not fail. Clay for bricks found on the Stirches Estate added to the positive outlook, but the death of Chisholm and increasing competition initiated the demise of the factory which closed in 1873. The account includes site maps and reference to many other accounts and articles at the time and since.3 pages or more 101J.G.Macdonald 
Extracting information from local parish recordsA detailed description about how best to utilise the old parish records (OPRs) to look back further than the mid 1800s when researching family trees. Using examples from Hawick, baptism records, including witnesses, are a particularly rich source of information.9 pages or more 108Douglas Scott 
Canadian Intimations in the "Hawick Advertiser" 1857 – 1863Deaths extracted from the "Hawick Advertiser" of people connected to the Borders, and other places in southern Scotland. Continued in issue 43.1 page or more 40Marjorie Gavin 
American Intimations in Hawick Advertiser - Marriages 1872-1875Marriages in America of people originally from Hawick and surrounding area.less than 1 page 49Marjorie Gavin 
New Zealand Intimations in Hawick Advertiser - 1861-1896Births and marriages, 1861-1896, in New Zealand of people originally from Hawick and surrounding area.2 pages or more 56Marjorie Gavin 
Family History RecordsAn archivist from the Heritage Hub in Hawick discusses a range of records that can be used to provide a fuller picture of our ancestors5 pages or more 70Juline Baird 
The Chisholm Highland ConnectionThe story of the Chisholm family, their involvement in medieval wars and their move from the Borders to the Highlands.5 pages or more 73Gregory Lauder-Frost 
Auld Edward Dearsden 1799-1875An account of the life of Edward Dearsden who was killed by the horse of Thomas Kennaway during the Hawick Common Riding, the family and in particular his great grandson William James Dearsden who originally had a cycle agent's shop in Hawick but who went on to develop a very successful photographic business and who during WW2 flew and worked with Barnes Wallis, the inventor of the bouncing bomb.3 pages or more 81Anne Golden 
Dr. John Haddon - World Tour 1882An account by the author of a talk given to the Society of a world tour undertaken in 1882 by his ancestor, Dr. John Haddon, a successful medical practitioner from Hawick.2 pages or more 81Andrew Haddon 
Tales of a Borderman A continuation (from Vol. 80) of Andrew Haddon's recollections and tales handed down.4 pages or more 84Enid Cruickshank 
John Thomas RocheadSome notes on the life of John Thomas Rochead, architect with particular reference to his work at Hawick.3 pages or more 85 
James Wilson, economist 1805-1860Some notes on the life of James Wilson, noted economist to whom a statue has recently been erected in Hawick1 page or more 95Ronald Morrison 
2nd Lt Robert Leman PurdomA native of Hawick Robert Leman Purdom KOSB (1883-1917) was from a family key in the development of the town. Robert senior was the Town Clerk, co-founded Hawick Golf Club, and secretary of the School of Art and Cottage Hospital. Robert seniors siblings (x3) and many half-siblings (x7) are listed and described, as are Robert seniors parents. Robert Leman' mother was Helen Emma Leman, whose family had relocated to Australia during the gold rush. Robert Lemans siblings are listed and described. Robert Leman enlisted and rose to 2nd Lt, but was killed in action 1917 aged 32.2 pages or more 102Editor 
Margaret B. Scott of HawickThe editors' great aunt Peggy Doig taught in Hawick from 1916, where she stayed with Margaret B Scott and her mother Isabella Scott, in the early 1900s. The editor investigated this branch of the Scott family.less than 1 page 108Editor 
Sir Thomas Brisbane - His Link with the BordersFrom a request to Kelso Museum for details on Sir Thomas Brisbane. A history of Makerston and the City of Brisbane He was also a keen astronomer. Very interesting.2 pages or more 8Zilla Oddy 
Station Masters of BelsesA summary of a presentation by Mrs V. Brittain about Belses station (opened 1849) and the station master Hugh Harvey. A collection of station records from the 1880s were found.1 page or more 15Jed Squirrel 
A Border Tragedy - Hawick 900, Court of Session and Civil RecordsAn article on cases of Breach of Promise.5 pages or more 86Norrie McLeish 
The Davidson Families of CanonbieReference to a History of the Clan Davidson with mention of families in Canonbie, Teviothead and Hawick.less than 1 page 98 
James the ClockAn account of the sourcing and transportation of a James Gowans (1800-1886) clock to Australia by the Ball family. James Gowans was the 3rd great grandson of the authors husband. James Gowans worked in East Linton, working in his shop in Galashiels 47 High Street from the 1840s to 1890s. His son John was a prize winning chronometer maker and jeweller in New York; his son James was a watch and clock maker in Hawick; his son William became a doctor.1 page or more 105Jill Ball 
At The BeginningA tale of one mans delve into family history from the U.K. to Canada and beyond.2 pages or more 1Peter Elliot 
Border-Line Experiences of a Canadian ResearcherThe Ainslie born in Lilliesleaf and how a trip from Canada to research the family ended in a book.2 pages or more 10Robert L. Morden 
Emigration from the BordersEmigration opportunities available to Borderers in the late 19th century, to Australia, Canada, and the United States.2 pages or more 32Marjorie Gavin 
More Canadian Intimations in the 'Hawick Advertiser'Deaths (1869-1900) extracted from the "Hawick Advertiser" of people connected to the Borders, and other places in southern Scotland. Continued from issue 40.8 pages or more 46Marjory Gavin 
Australian Intimations in Hawick AdvertiserBirths 1858-1897, Marriages 1854-1900, Deaths 1853-1862, in Australia of people originally from Hawick and surrounding area.8 pages or more 54Marjorie Gavin 
Miscellaneous Intimations in Hawick Advertiser - 1855-1900A list of marriages of people from various places (including Argentina, Australia, Bermuda, Burma, Canada, Chile, China, France, Hong Kong, India, Italy, South Africa, Trinidad) intimated in the Hawick Advertiser between 1855-1900, with brief additional notes on some items.3 pages or more 68Marjorie Gavin 
New Collections at the Heritage HubCounty council records, diaries and estate papers were identified amongst the backlog of uncatalogued material at the Scottish Borders Archive.4 pages or more 69Juline Baird 
Ormistons and Renwicks - Two Melrose FamiliesAn investigation into the origins of the business Ormiston and Renwick, seedsman/garden shop, in Melrose High Street. Starting with John Renwick (b. Makertstoun 1839, and his wife Wilhelmina Wilton 1846 and 5 children). 2 later children, one of which included the name Ormiston (the couple had a boarder Charles Ormiston d.1882, son of Archibald Ormiston 1815-1866, son of Walter Ormiston (b. 1750) and Agnes Brown d. 1846. The account goes on to describe more detail about the success of Charles and his legacy left to the Renwicks and to Melrose (Ormiston Institute). The business passed to George Henderson. The author's family (Bunyan) took over Rosebank from the Renwicks, and later acquired the Ship Inn (Alexander Bunyan) in 1921. John Renwick was a 2nd Lieutenant in the KOSB in WW1, returning to join his mother in Hawick.3 pages or more 109Stephen Bunyan 
Archibald MintoFurther to Issue 109, the contributor has confirmed that Archibald Minto was a brother of her great grandmother Agnes Minto. Agnes' daughter Agnes had several children, one of whom was Jessie, who in turn had 8 children after marrying Thomas Henderson of Hawick, one of whom, William was the contributors' father. The family moved to Greenock in 1909 where Thomas was a foreman in the Greenock Woollen Mill.less than 1 page 110Archibald Minto 
A Family Church - St Cuthbert's Scottish Episcopal Church, HawickSome notes on the history of St Cuthbert's Scottish Episcopal Church, Hawick particularly the author's family connection. Principal names mentioned are Coltman, Ritson, Godfrey, FitzWalter, Dearden, Landles.3 pages or more 75Anne Golden 
A Young Hawick Entertainer - Charles StaintonThe life of Charles Stainton who first appears in the Hawick Criminal Records aged 9 in 1903 but who went on to become a music hall artist with the Sutcliffe Troupe.3 pages or more 87Elma Fleming 
Margaret Douglas, an Ordinary Hawick Woman?An account of the life of Margaret Douglas and her family and their lives in late 19th. and early 20th. century Hawick.3 pages or more 98Kathryn Holloway 
Family History in "The Gladstaines Bible"This is the very old history of the Gladstains in the Hawick area in and around 1645 through to 1850 . Few families can go back that far with as much confidence in the manuscript as this one.3 pages or more 27Michael Robson 
Old Books with Hawick ConnectionsA description of two old books about Hawick from the author's library. One is a library book that was never returned. Speculation about the culprit reveals many family relationships.2 pages or more 74Anne Golden 
More Canadian Intimations in the 'Hawick Advertiser'Deaths (1863-1864) extracted from the "Hawick Advertiser" of people connected to the Borders, and other places in southern Scotland. Continued from issue 40.less than 1 page 43Marjory Gavin 
Am I or am I not an Elliot? Can I wear my Elliot tartan scarf?An account of the research into the authors connections to the Elliot name. Elizabeth Elliot was born in Hawick 1892 to Robert Eliot (b. 1857) and Margaret Rowat. Robert was 1 of 3 children born to George and Elizabeth Douglas. Before then the researcher has been unable to clearly trace the Elliots further with any confidence.less than 1 page 102Christine Nichol 
Alexander Turnbull and his FamilyIf you have any Turnbulls in your family and you think that you came from the Borders, this is a must for you. Turnbulls from Galashiels, Selkirk and Hawick.5 pages or more 25Jane Gibson 
A Teri Forever- My Rich Border HeritageNostalgia about Hawick, and the revelation that some of her ancestors came from southern England, she has researched back to 500AD on her direct paternal line and from 1699 on other lines.3 pages or more 66Anne Golden 
Granny's Bawbees and other coins (part 2)The writer traces the history of coinage in Scotland and talks of shop cheques or tokens particularly instancing Co-operative stores and also mentioning J.A. Game's tea shop in Hawick.3 pages or more 78Peter Munro 
Hawick Through TimeA review of the book 'Hawick through Time' by Alistair Moffat.1 page or more 85Enid Cruickshank 

Map of Hawick from UK Great Britain, Ordnance Survey one-inch to the mile (1:63,360), 'Hills' edition, 1885-1903
by kind permission of the National Library of Scotland.
Use the control at the top left of the map to zoom in or out and drag the map left, right, up, or down as you wish.

Map of Hawick from UK Ordnance Survey Historical Maps from 1919-1947
by kind permission of the National Library of Scotland.
Use the control at the top left of the map to zoom in or out and drag the map left, right, up, or down as you wish.

Other Sources

Scottish Borders Archives, The Hub Hawick

School Records

Scottish National Archives, Edinburgh

Hawick Old Parish Church

Hawick Free Church


Scottish Catholic Archives, 16 Drummond Place, Edinburgh

Hawick Archaeological Society

Berwickshire Naturalists' Club

The Southern Annual


A description of the parish from The Imperial Gazetteer of Scotland, 1868
Hawick On-line
Hawick Common Riding
Hawick Rugby Club
Bill McLaren 1923 - 2010 the Voice of Rugby.
Jimmie Guthrie 1897 - 1937 1930s motor-cycling star
James Wilson's Register of Deaths in Hawick 1827 to 1860
Stobie's Map of Roxburghshire of 1770
The RCAHMS website Scotland's Places contains details of;

Place and Farm names in Census Records

1841 census: Hawick, Laurie's Yard, Purdom's Yard, Wilton Mills, Millport, Towerknowe, Allers, Sandbed, Booglie Barns, Weensland, Haugh Head, Greenabraeheads, Crow Byres, Nixons Mill, Crumhaughhill, Burnflat, Meikle Whitlaw, Little Whitlaw, Broomhill, Hawick Muir, Hawick Shiels, Southfield, Allanhaughmill, Raes Knowe, Newbigging, Whitchesters, Fenwick, Hayskye, Branxholm, Goldielands, Marters House, Longbalk, Lynwood, Carlanrig, Falnash, Dryden, Parkhead, Lairhope, Hislop, Ramsaycleughburn, Rashygrain, Commonbrae, Blackcleugh, Commonside, Bankhead, Tiendside, Commonside Lynn, Slatehill, Hayknow, Quarrelhall, Valesburn, Newmill, Branxholm Braes, Woodfoot.

1851 census:Hawick, Backdamgate, Kilnpath, Tannage, Mill Port, Commonhaugh, Howegate, Loan, Myerslaw Green, Village, Weensland, Haugh Head, Bramble Hall, Leafy House, Lynwood, Upper Lynwood, Parsonage, Rockville, Whirtup, Crowbryres, Greenbraehead, Mickle Whitlaw, Little Whitlaw, Flex, Douthfield, Allanhaugh Mill, Raesknowe, Newbigging, Whitchesters, Haysyke, Branxholme Bridge End, Goldielands, Martin's House, Wester Longbalk, East Longbaulk, Crummuch Hill, Guthriehall, Burnflat, Newmill, Bramxholm, Cowlady, Branholm Woodfoot

1861 census: Hawick, East Bank, Bramblehall, Weensland, Haughhead, Backdamgate, Mill Bank, Allars House, Millpath, Crescentfoot, Stonefield, Rockvale, Lynwood, Cowbyres, Greenbraeheads, Stilrig Bank, Kirkgate, Howegate, Lynnwood, Whitlawhaugh, Meikle Whitlaw, Little Whitlaw, Flex, Broomhill, Hawick Moor, Pilmuir, Haggishall, Burnflat, Crumhaugh, Longbaulk, Vales Burn, New Mill, Damfoot, Branxholm Braes,Scatterpenny, Branxholme Woodfoot, Martins House, Goldielands, Hay Syke, Fenwick, Whitchester, Raesknow, Allan Haugh, Hawick Shiel, Southfield, Sand Bed, Tower Knowe, Myreslaw Green


The population has been recorded as follows:

Roxburghshire map

Local Pictures

Hawick (before 1908)

 Hawick from Wellogate
Hawick from Wellogate

 Tower Knowe, Hawick
Tower Knowe, Hawick

 Tower Hotel and High Street
Tower Hotel and High Street

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