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Berwickshire map

The Parish of Longformacus is situated in the north of Berwickshire in the Lammermuir Hills. It is bordered on the north by the County of Midlothian, on the east by the Parishes of Abbey St. Bathans, Duns and Langton, on the south by the Parishes of Greenlaw and Westruther and on the west by the Parish of Lauder.

Old Parish Birth Records exist from 1654 to 1854.
Marriage Records exist from 1716 to 1854.
Death records exist from 1716 to 1760.

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1841 census Longformacus.
1851 census Longformacus.
1861 census Longformacus.
Longformacus Monumental Inscriptions Vol. 16 Berwickshire transcribed by Elma Fleming (contains Hearth Tax, Militia List, list of Ministers, mortcloth records, Roll of Honour transcription and an extract from the Longformacus Public School Admission Log from 1873 to 1913, listing 424 admissions to the school, showing names of pupils and parents, addresses, occupations and dates of pupils' births). See our blog.

Longformacus Parish Church Longformacus Parish Church

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Volumes available for consultation within our Archive

Pre 1855 Memorial inscriptions of Berwickshire by David Cargill.
The Churches and Churchyards of Berwickshire by G.A.C. Binnie.
C.D. The Churches and Churchyards of Berwickshire by James Robson 1896.
Glimpses into the Past in Lammermuir by Norrie McLeish.
Index to Particular Register of Sasines for Berwickshire.
Pigot's 1837 Directory of Berwickshire and Roxburghshire.
Rutherford's Southern Counties Register and Directory 1867.
C.D. Slater's Directory of Berwickshire 1903.
County Directory of Scotland 1912 - Borders Towns and Villages.

Magazine Articles

Please note that the heading Author includes persons who have compiled or transcribed records; and that the topics indexed, and the synopses are subjective opinions.
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Title Synopsis Size Description Issue No Author
Know your parish - LongformacusThe history, and how Longformacus got its name. Its population and parish records.1 page or more 21Editor 
Longformacus Free ChurchDiscovery of a poem written in 1869 relating to Longformacus Free Church.2 pages or more 91 
Longformacus and Lammermuir Heritage CentreNotes on the newly opened Longformacus and Lammermuir Heritage Centre.less than 1 page 94 
Abbey St Bathans, Cranshaws and LongformacusA brief description of 3 neighbouring parishes and the records available.2 pages or more 73 
The Berwickshire Leitchs Part 3A continuation of the Parts 1 and 2 of the Berwickshire Leitchs (Issues 105 and 106). Further investigating the possible older sons of James Leitch (1800-1880). Matthew was born in Fogo (b. 1851), moving to Greenlaw and then Clockmill, Duns with his parents, and then to High Street Langton marrying Elizabeth Calder and having 6 children. Later, he and brother David (the pharmacist) inherited the family home in Greenlaw, which they tried to let out. Matthew died in Longformacus, but his sons James and John continued as stone dykers, but James joined the Kings own Scottish Borderers and died in 1915 at Gallipoli. Son John stayed in Longformacus and his sons Matthew and Robert taking part in WW2. The tracing goes on trying to establish the history of Matthews older half brothers. The trail becomes complicated.2 pages or more 107Diana Leitch 
To Follow the Dogs and Carry the StickAn account of life and shepherding in the Lammermuirs before, during and immediately after the Second World War.1 page or more 90Bob Jaffray 
Poor Relief in the 1840sA review of the operation of the poor relief in the early 19th century. It includes the size of the allowances paid and an estimate of the cost of living at the time.4 pages or more 71Peter Munro 
LongformacusA cautionary tale from 1871 and some extracts from the school log book,2 pages or more 73 
Brown's Self Interpreting Family BibleGeorge Brown of Horncliffe brought into the offices the very large Brown family bible. Lavishly illustrated, it also included Family Register page. A transcript of the text is presented. It includes members of the Robertson family from Alexander Robertson (b. 1829 in Simperon Mains) and his wife Margaret (b. 1825 in Swinton) through to Georgina Dickson Robertson and Mary Dickson Robertson born in 1871 in Monkerstones, Fogo. All names registered were from the Borders. Research has confirmed more of the family up to the George Brown who donated the bible.less than 1 page 110Editor 

Map of Longformacus from UK Great Britain, Ordnance Survey one-inch to the mile (1:63,360), 'Hills' edition, 1885-1903
by kind permission of the National Library of Scotland.
Use the control at the top left of the map to zoom in or out and drag the map left, right, up, or down as you wish.

Map of Longformacus from UK Ordnance Survey Historical Maps from 1919-1947
by kind permission of the National Library of Scotland.
Use the control at the top left of the map to zoom in or out and drag the map left, right, up, or down as you wish.

20 Most Common Surnames

The 20 most common surnames on gravestones recorded by us in the Longformacus monumental inscriptions volume are (number of gravestones in brackets): BROWN (21), WILSON (8), CRAIK (7), FORTUNE (7), SCOTT (6), SMITH (6), ANDERSON (6), PURVES (5), PATERSON (5), ELLIOT (5), BUCKHAM (5), MACK (4), TAIT (4), TURNBULL (4), RANKIN (4), THOMSON (4), MOFFAT (4), MILLER (4), JOHNSTON (4), TROTTER (4).

Other Sources;

Scottish Borders Archives and Family History Centre, The Hub Hawick hold the following records;

Scottish National Archives Edinburgh hold the following records;

Longformacus Parish Church;

Longformacus Free Church;

Berwickshire Naturalists' Club has published the following articles;


First Statistical Account by the Rev. Mr. Selby Ord (click "browse scanned pages" and insert Parish name).

Second Statistical Account by the Rev. Henry Riddell (click "browse scanned pages" and insert Parish name).

RCHAMS website Scotland's Places contains details of;

Farm Horse tax 1797-1798.
Medical Officers of Health Reports 1891.
Land Ownership Commission Report 1872 -1873 (available in Society Archives).

Place and Farm names in Census Records;

1841 census: Longformacus, Caldra, Otterburn, Byrecleugh, Trottingshaw, Horsecupcleugh, Wrinklaw, Dronshiel, Kippetlaw, Cattleshiel, Redpath, Dyeshaugh, Elmford, Smiddyhill, Windshiel, Felcleugh, Rigfoot, Whitchester, Blackerston, Retreat, Whareburn.
1851 census: Longformacus, Byrecleugh, Trottingshaw, Dye Bank, Horseupcleugh, Cattleshiel, Muirton, Caldra, Dronshiel, Otterburn, Whitchester, Rigfoot, Dick's Hall, Ellmford, Windshiel, Elmhaugh, Redpath, Felcleugh, Smiddy Hill, Blackerston, Retreat, Wareburn, Blackerstone.
1861 census: Longformacus, Horscupcleugh, Trotingshaw, Byrecleugh, Kippetlaw, Cattleshiel, Droneshiel, Caldra, Otterburn, Whitchester, Elmhaugh, Ellem, Elmford, Fellcleugh, Smiddyhill, Windshiel, Redpath, Dyeshaugh, Murton, Retreat, New Blackeston, Paradise, Old Blackerston, Weirburn.


The population has been recorded as follows: 1755 - 399, 1791 - 452, 1801 - 406, 1811 - 444, 1821 - 402, 1831 - 425, 1841 - 390, 1851 - 411, 1861 - 448.