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West Linton

Peeblesshire map

The parish of West Linton is situated in the north-west of the county of Peebles. Midlothian was located to the north of West Linton although local government reorganisation means that the northern boundary now includes West Lothian & the City of Edinburgh. The parish of Newlands is on the east and Kirkurd to the south. On the west the parish of West Linton borders on Lanarkshire. The village of Carlops which lies on the northern boundary is included in the parish. The village war memorial is in front of the church.

Old Parish Records cover the periods:

  • Births: 1656-1819, 1820-1855 (Mothers' names not recorded until 1702)
  • Marriages: 1657-1697, 1697-1792, 1798-1855
  • Deaths: 1657-1697, 1697-1734, 1798-1841
West Linton Parish Church West Linton Parish Church

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Map of West_linton from Quarter-inch to the mile, Scotland, 1921-1923 or One-inch to the mile, Popular edition, Scotland, 1920-1930
by kind permission of the National Library of Scotland.
Use the control at the top left of the map to zoom in or out and drag the map left, right, up, or down as you wish.

Other Sources

Scottish Borders Archives, The Hub Hawick

The National Archives of Scotland

West Linton kirk session records (Ref - CH2/1304)

Carlops Free Church

History - In 1846 a preaching station was established in the village and the congregation built a church in February 1851.
The extent of records is unknown.

West Linton Associate Congregation (Ref CH3/307)

History - In 1737, about 70 residents of the parish of West Linton left the Established Church and petitioned the Associate Presbytery for supply of minister, which was granted. They built their church in 1784.

Scottish Borders Archives, The Hub Hawick

School Records

West Linton Evening Continuation School Log Book 1895-1939 ref: P/ED/2/37


Carlops Village Website
Esk Valley Trust

Place and Farm names appearing in census records

1841 census: West Linton, Robinsland, Broomlee, Rutherford Castle, Cocketslane, South Mains, Jennysbrae, Carlops, Rogersrig, Kittly Bridge, Kittly Knowe, Luggy, Turtle Bank, Lonley Beild, Newhall, Steel, Harlaw Muir, Dypesidehead, Upper Whitfield, Coalyburn, Whitfield, Fairslacks, Westmains, Hartside, Farley Hope, Carlops, Stoneypath, Cairnmuir, Hareshaw, Baddingsgill, Wakefield, North Slipperfield, Bridgehouse Knowehead, Bridge House, Lynedale, Mendick, South Slipperfield, Hardgatehead, Ingraston, Fairneyhaugh, Garvald, Ingraston, Kippet, Blyth Moor, Blackford, Felton, Medwin, Ingraston, Medwin Mains, Hyndfordwell, Tarfthaugh, Broom Lee, Wauk Mill, Spittlehaugh, Paulswell, Charleston, Blyth Bank, Blyth Bridge, Bogs Bank, Castle Law.

1851 census: West Linton, Broomlee Mains, Robinsland, Deanfoot, Whitfield, Upper Whitfield, Cleaves, Collyburn, Deepskyehead, Harlawmuir, Steele, Monks Haugh, Turtlebank, Harbour Craig, Lonely Bield, Kittleybridge, Rogers Rigg, Blashead, Carper, Jennys Brae, South Mains, Cockitslane, Rutherford, Carlops, Carlop Mill, Fauirleyhope, North Esk, Westmains, Snabhead, Gairslacks, Waterloo March, Stoneypath, Hareshaw, Baddingsgill, Medwyn, Bridgehouse Mill, Lynedale, North Slipperfield, Medwynhead, Farnahaugh, West Water, Bogsbank, Tarfthaugh, Gradenholm, Medwin Loch, Hyndfordwell, Medwin Mains, Felton, Blyth Muir, Water Side, Kippet Farm, Ingraston, Garvald, South Slipperfield, Bogsbank, Blyth, Blyth Bridge, Gallaw Bank, Charleston, Pauls Well, Spittlehaugh, Broomlee, Castlelaw.

1861 census: West Linton, Hay's Arms, Howison's Hall, Broomlee Mains, Robinsland, Deanfoot, Whitfield, Upper Whitfield, Cleaves, Coalyburn, Deepsykehead, Harlawmuir Toll, Harlawmuir, Steele, Lonely Bield, Turtlebank, Harbour Craig, Kittly Know, Kittly Bridge, Braehead, Carpet, Jenny's Brae, South Mains, Cockits Lane, Rutherford, Carlops, Rogersrigg, Fairleyhope, Reservoir, Carlophill, Hartside, Shade Meadow, West Mains, Fairslacks, Linton, Stoneypath, Cairnmuir, Hareshaw, Badinsgill, Wakefield, Medwyn, Bridgehouse Mill, North Slipperfield, West Water, Tarfthaugh, Hyndfordwell, Felton Blackford, Waterside, Kippit, Ingraston, Garvald, Fairneyhaugh, South Slipperfield, Mendick, Graden Holm, Castlelaw, Bogsbank, Waulkmill, Spittlehaugh, Paulswell, Charleston, Blythe, Blythe Bridge, Blythebank, Gallowbank, Broomlee.


The population has been recorded as follows;

Peeblesshire Map