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Selkirkshire map
Selkirk Parish is situated in the County of the same name being bounded on the north by the Parishes of Caddonfoot and Galashiels, on the east by the Parishes of Bowden and Lilliesleaf and on the south-east by the Parish of Ashkirk all in Roxburghshire, on the south-west by the parish of Kirkhope and on the west by the Parish of Yarrow. Ashkirk is now linked with the ecclesiastical parish of Selkirk.

Old Parish Records cover the periods:

  • Births: 1697 to 1854.
  • Marriages: 1697 to 1854.
  • Deaths:1741 to 1854.

Sales List

  • 1841 census Selkirk.
  • 1851 census Selkirk.
  • 1861 census Selkirk.
  • CD Selkirk Auld Monumental Inscriptions compiled by Selkirk Antiquarians - contains:
    • A history
    • Transcription of War Memorials
    • Roosevelt Family Tree
    • Migrants
    • Lair plans and owners 1824
  • CD Selkirk Brierylaw Monumental Inscriptions.
  • CD Selkirk Shawpark Monumental Inscriptions compiled by Selkirk Antiquarians.
  • Selkirk Death Records 1748 to 1778 by Nigel Hardie.
  • Selkirk Death Records 1819 to 1835 by Nigel Hardie.
  • Selkirk Death Records 1836 to 1854 by Nigel Hardie.
Selkirk Parish Church Selkirk Parish Church

Local Pictures

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Volumes available for consultation within our Archive

Magazine Articles

Please note that the heading Author includes persons who have compiled or transcribed records; and that the topics indexed, and the synopses are subjective opinions.
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Title Synopsis Size Description Issue No Author
Coercion or Consensus? The Government of a Border Burgh in the Sixteenth centuryThe burgh of Selkirk, their trades, who controlled them. The baillies sergeants and how they came into being. Continued from issue 25.4 pages or more 26Peter Symms 
Douglas of Springwood ParkThe name Douglas would run fear into many Englishmen. This distinguished Border family and its history.3 pages or more 31Donald Whyte 
Coercion or Consensus? The Government of a Border Burgh in the Sixteenth CenturyThe Burgesses, and how they looked after Selkirk. The privileges that they gave themselves. Continued in issue 26.5 pages or more 25Peter Symms 
The Ancient Crafts of SelkirkThe history of crafts in Selkirk from 1113 with the building of the Border abbeys through to the Union of the Crowns.1 page or more 32Jim Newlands 
MapsBrief notes about Borders maps available from the Society, and on the Internet.1 page or more 43Peter Munro 
Some Selkirk WorthiesNotes on some Selkirk 'worthies' of old.4 pages or more 82George Turnbull 
Selkirk and Melrose Through TimeReview of the book published by Amberley Publishing.less than 1 page 96Ronald Morrison 
Royal Burgh of Selkirk, Regulations and OrdersRegulations and Orders made by the Magistrates of Selkirk 1820.1 page or more 98 
The Muster-Roll of the Jedburgh Company of Volunteers of 1804List of men from Sergeants, Corporals, and Privates, it also gives you their trade at the time. Total of men 108.2 pages or more 3Sandra Duncan 
Selkirk Migrants 1850--1865A list of emigrants from Selkirk to various parts home and abroad, from the diary of the minister of Selkirk Parish Kirk.2 pages or more 9Alison Scott 
Bondagers of the BordersLiz Taylor presented a most informative talk to members of the society, this is a short story of Bondagers.1 page or more 9Liz Taylor 
The Walter Mason PapersThe Walter Mason Papers. This is a brief description of the collection held by the museum services of Scottish Borders Council.1 page or more 19Walter Elliot 
Know your Parish: YarrowA journey down through the Yarrow valley from top to bottom1 page or more 32Audrey Mitchell 
Selkirk Poor Cases, 184416 cases of Selkirk Poor from the Report of the Royal Commission on the Poor Law (Scotland), 1844.2 pages or more 54Peter Munro 
Police and Criminal Indexing ProjectAn update on the indexing of the Selkirk Criminal Register.less than 1 page 85Elma Flaming 
A.R. Edwards Photographic ArchiveReview of the book 'A.R. Edwards Photographic Archive' by Janis Cornwall.less than 1 page 95 
The See-Through House: My Father in Full ColourA review of a book by Shelley Klein, the younger daughter of Bernat Klein, who built a modern house between Selkirk and Ettrick, and who ran a textile design business in Galashiels in the 1950s to 1970s. It is the story of Bernat's life.less than 1 page 104Enid Cruikshank 
The LanglandsHow a family can be traced with the help of a family Bible3 pages or more 36Mrs Prue Langlands 
A History of the BrydonsFor some hundreds of years there has been Brydons in the Borders. From Gilston, Broadmeadows, and overseas.2 pages or more 7Mrs Joan Scott Stewart 
A Canadian ConnectionCopies of letters sent from Canada in 1864 - they make very interesting reading.2 pages or more 25Jenifer Payne 
The Haining, SelkirkA short history of the house and plans for its future.1 page or more 80Ronald Morrison 
Letters of the Andersons of SelkirkGrateful acknowledgement to Tim Anderson of a transcript of letters of the Andersons of Selkirk, soldiers, surgeons and explorers (1804-1820) with particular reference to Mungo Park and his trip to Africa.1 page or more 91 
Archibald Johnstone, Galashiels weaver and Australian mill ownerThe story of Archibald Johnstone from Galashiels who set up a mill in Selkirk (Burn Mill) with his uncle Daniel, who were then persuaded by Peter Bulman (a wool mill engineer and machinist originally from Denholm; a cattle farmer in Australia) to relocate to Australia in Australia to develop a mill (the Waverley mill) in Launceston, Tasmania. The new mill opened in May 1874. Peter Bulman bought out the Johnstones in 1883 and the mill passed to his brother-in-las Robert Hogarth. The mill is still operating at the time of writing. The Johnstones set up a new mill in Hobart (the Johnstone Bros Derwent Mill) with production starting in 1884 using members of the Aiken family from the Borders. Archibald died in 1917. The mill ceased operating in 1939, the building now used for multiple purposes.3 pages or more 105Marion Johnstone 
Tyson Brothers - the Ultimate SacrificeThe author has traced her husbands back to the Tysons of Selkirk. Bertram Tyson (b1854, Lauder), son of John (1809-1868), a tailor and Euphemia Richardson (1807-1886). Bertram was 1 of 13 children, and married Joan Nichol. They had 9 children; 3 sons were killed in WW1 (John , James Andrew, Bertram). William survived WW1, and his further story and sporting life is described.3 pages or more 109Marjorie McLaughlin 
An Elephantine trip to St Mary's LochGeorge Reavly in his history of Galashiels notes that fifty years ago not a gig could be got to hire. One of the largest trips that ever left Galashiels propelled by horse power. On the trip to St Marys Loch.2 pages or more 22K. McRae 
A House UnitedHow a house (Heatherlieburn, Selkirk) built by Richard Leitch in 1862 came to unite two distant Hepburn relatives who had no idea of each otherís existence.3 pages or more 61Celia Baylis and Barbara Nichol 
Diary of James Alexander Sligh aged 18A description of a diary kept by a young bank clerk in 1876. Selected extracts are included.2 pages or more 73 
Minute Book of the Cordiners of Selkirk 1785 to 1835Some background on the Guild of the Cordiners (Souters) of Selkirk following the donation by Dave Anderson of a transcription of their records.2 pages or more 91 
The Pedigree of the Selkirk Family of Selkirk , ScotlandA family tree of the Selkirk Family.2 pages or more 2James Selkirk 
Border names involved in the Radio Security Service during WW2An investigation into the radio listening activity by amateurs in the Borders before, during and after WW2. 5 were recognised by Bletchley Park for their services, including Mrs Ann Thomson (nee McDonald) who was also recognised by the government in July 2019 before she passed away in 2021. A list of local radio enthusiasts in the Borders between the 1930s and 60s are presented. Photographs included.4 pages or more 111Bruce McCartney 
Andrew Currie, Border SculptorAn account of the life of Andrew Currie, sculptor (1812-1891) born at Howford Farm Yarrow. Won commissions for several well known public monuments including Mungo Park in Selkirk, the Ettrick Shepherd at St Mary's Loch, two characters on the Scott monument in Edinburgh and Robert the Bruce at Stirling Castle. Married Isabella Hardie daughter of a Denholm stocking-maker and moved to Earlston to work as a sculptor. A full account of his life and works5 pages or more 78Bob Johnstone 
Local TS Royal Edward KOSB casualtiesA list of KOSB casualties. (Additional names and places - William Hogg - Hawick. Also Dumfries and Galloway names - Archibald Strong - Johnstone, Francis Head Cameron - Whithorn, James Dickson + James Gordon - Kirkbean, James Kirkpatrick - Twynham, John McCaig - Port William, Joseph Hunter McMunnies - Tynwald, Joseph Melvin - Glasserton, Matthew Bryson Richardson - Lochmaben, John Telford + Robert Trodden - Annan.1 page or more 101Jared Squirrell 
Alexander Turnbull and his FamilyIf you have any Turnbulls in your family and you think that you came from the Borders, this is a must for you. Turnbulls from Galashiels, Selkirk and Hawick.5 pages or more 25Jane Gibson 
A Border Lady of the Old SchoolInterview with Mrs Jane Henderson Thomson Bell aged 83 in 1910 about her life. Written in Scots.4 pages or more 20 
New Collections at the Heritage HubCounty council records, diaries and estate papers were identified amongst the backlog of uncatalogued material at the Scottish Borders Archive.4 pages or more 69Juline Baird 

Map of Selkirk from UK Great Britain, Ordnance Survey one-inch to the mile (1:63,360), 'Hills' edition, 1885-1903
by kind permission of the National Library of Scotland.
Use the control at the top left of the map to zoom in or out and drag the map left, right, up, or down as you wish.

Map of Selkirk from UK Ordnance Survey Historical Maps from 1919-1947
by kind permission of the National Library of Scotland.
Use the control at the top left of the map to zoom in or out and drag the map left, right, up, or down as you wish.

20 Most Common Surnames

The 20 most common surnames on gravestones recorded by us in the Selkirk Shawfield Cemetery monumental inscriptions volume are (number of gravestones in brackets): SCOTT (86), SCOTT (83), THOMSON (48), BROWN (42), DOUGLAS (40), BROWN (39), HOGG (38), SCOTT (36), ROBERTSON (31), BROWN (31), ANDERSON (30), DOUGLAS (30), SMITH (29), HENDERSON (26), TURNBULL (26), WILSON (25), HOGG (25), JOHNSTONE (23), HENDERSON (23), ANDERSON (23).

Other Sources

Other Sources

Selkirk Library, Ettrick Terrace, Selkirk

Scottish Borders Archives, The Hub Hawick



Selkirkshire Lieutenancy Records


The National Archives of Scotland

Selkirk Parish Church (Ref - CH2/1380)

Burgh First United Congregational Church (Ref - CH3/1229/33)

Burgher First United Presbyterian Church (Ref - CH3/1229)

Hawick Archaeology Society

Berwickshire Naturalists' Club

The Southern Annual


An extract from the Gazetteer of Scotland, 1806
Selkirk On-line
A history of Selkirk
Auld Selkirk complete with a selection of old photographs.
1817 Selkirk Census
Selkirk Rugby Club
RCHAMS website Scotland's Places contains details of

Place and Farm names in Census Records

1841 census: Selkirk, South Port, Townhead, Haining, Heatherly, Bellsheugh, Greenfoot, Dunsdale, Dunsdale Haugh, Sloethoirnbank, Pine Grove, Greenbank, Raebank, Halliday Park, Broomhill, Deanburn, Myrtle Bank, Pine Bank, Byethorn, Ladylands, Loanhead, Philiphaugh, Bowhill, Gilkkeekit, Carterhaugh, Oldwark, Newark, Blackandrew, Fastheugh, Broadmeadows, Yarrow, Fowlshiels, Falside, Harehaed, Todrig, Haining Rig, Hartwoodburn, Greenderning, Brounmoor, Moat, Middlestead, Hartwoodmyres, Oakwod, Fauldshope, Shielshaugh, Howbottom, Collons Bridge, Oakwoodmill, Howden, East Comm, Lochslacks, Deepslades, Shawpark, Shawmount, St. Helens, Shawburn, Yair, Ralees, Sunderland Hall, Linglee, Sweepsnest, Ettrick Bank, Greenhead, Whitmuirhall, Whitmoor.

1851 census: Selkirk, Kirkwynd, Haining, Heatherly, Bullsheugh, Greenfoot, Dunsdalehaugh, Shawburn, Elmpark, Haladays Park, Dovecote Park, Knowpark, Philiphaugh, Bowhill, Old Newark, Fastheugh, Broadmeadows, Foulshiels, Fallside, Howden Oakwood, Hartwoodmyers, Shielshaugh, Carterhaugh, Bowhill, Middlestead, Brownmoor, Hartwoodburn, Todrig, Bleachfield, Shawmount, Shaw, Shawpark, Sweepsnest, Linglie, Sunderland Hall, Ralees, Yair, Craig, Williamhope, Greenhead, Whitmuirhall, Ettrickbank.

1861 census: Selkirk, Dunsdale Haugh, Shawburn, Heatherlie, Philiphaugh, Foulshiels, Broadmeadows, Bowhill, Fastheugh, Newark, Oldwark, Carterhaugh, East Fauldshope, Shielshaugh, Oakwood, Hartwoodmyers, Howden, Hainging, Sunderland, Raelees, Yair, Whitmuir, Greenhead.


The population has been recorded as follows:


Selkirkshire map

Local Pictures



 Rivers Tweed and Ettrick, near Selkirk
Rivers Tweed and Ettrick, near Selkirk

 Tweed Valley
Tweed Valley

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